Let's start over again
Finally finished American Gods

It took me so long to get through it. Absurdly long.

I read/skimmed the end of it where Neil Gaiman is talking about how he came up with the idea and random discussion of the book and it sounds like he tried to write it in an American style

I don’t think I like American style books. I didn’t like Catcher in the Rye. I’m sure there are other things I don’t like.

But my problem is that I like the story. The ideas. I just don’t like how they ended up on the page. The characters were alright. I honestly liked Wednesday and Sam and Laura the best and was sad there wasn’t more of them at times.

I like the idea of it a lot. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’d rather sit around a campfire and attempt to retell it from memory than encourage someone to read it.


Me: “Here, have this dead and extinct thing’s skull”

Salarian: “Oh thanks! Maybe we could clone it!”

[3 seconds later]

Salarian (on phone): “Oh they’re riding them into battle? Great!”


These Salarians work way faster than literally anything ever.

I knew something was up when Vega wasn’t in the shuttle bay.

And then I see Ashley on the floor.

This game is priceless.

I think a bunch of the people I’m supposed to be bringing random items/doing things for have died

I can’t find them anywhere

Thane? Did you steal my model of the Destiny Ascension?

You asshole.

Mass Effect

So I started a new Shepard named “Para” and intended to just do all Paragon stuff for this run…then I realized my default Shepard is pretty much a Paragon, so I started to do all Renegade stuff.

So now I have a Shepard named Para Shepard and I’m kind of considering making another named Rene Shepard and being Paragon.

Just to be confusing.

Mass Effect Feels:

Of course at the end of the game my wallet is full and I have a full inventory but still want to go to the store to buy some ammo that I accidentally sold ages ago so that I can use it on Saren.

But nope.

No stores for the last 25% of the game.

Anyway, I am done with the game now and confused because it didn’t save after I made the final choices/beat the game/whatever.

Mass Effect

Even worse, I can’t get back to the Citadel to buy all the flashy Spectre-class equipment.

Mass Effect Feels:

I own nearly 150 items and I was going to go sell some but I have already maxed out my wallet.

Mass Effect: Whoooooops

So I as soon as I got to the Citadel I went ahead and explored the whole thing

and then as soon as I realized I could get to the galaxy map I did all the side quests

and then I went back to the Citadel and finished up all the missions

so I’ve only really done one of the storyline missions after you leave the Citadel.

I’m already Level 39 and have almost 100% Spectre equipment.

Mass Effect: Bioware knows how to make you feel goooood

Just convinced someone to make a not-so-negative report on the Normandy and then heard a radio announcement that the colony on Feros that I just saved is prospering.

So satisfied with my Shepard.

Mass Effect: Whoops, I’m totally impartial to Onyx brand armor

I can afford armor that is 2x better but it’s not Onyx, so eehhhhh.

Dammit Wrex

You are not invincible. I will switch you out if I have to.