Let's start over again


And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.


The biggest tragedy of Doctor Who for me is the fact that Jack never met the Ponds.

I mean, he would have liked Eleven and Amy.


He would have PURSUED Rory to the ends of the universe, and Rory would just be really confused and Amy would get super overprotective

"Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?"


can you understand why I need this


Yesterday at the Doctor Who series 8 theater showing me and BT dressed up and we saw other people dressed up and I was like I love nerds

reblogging this late, but YES IT WAS SO MUCH FUN
If you did not see it in theatres you entirely missed the best Strax video ever ever ever ever and the best pre-episode introduction ever ever ever ever.
Also, after the movie I used my sonic screwdriver to make the lights turn on. People enjoyed that.


The new Doctor Who intro for series 8 was inspired by the above fan-made video, in case you were wondering where the gears and clock and such things were inspired.

It’s different, it’s new, it’s Who.

TARDIS: Sorry doctor you're stuck with these teachers for the next three years
TARDIS: Also the chameleon circuit broke
TARDIS: A button got stuck so Susan's going to stab you all until you fix it
TARDIS: I've conveniently landed where you'll lose me have a nice time trying to find me again
TARDIS: Hey an alternate dimension filled with nightmares let's go there
TARDIS: You know what's better than Heathrow? Anything.
TARDIS: I was bored so I changed my entire interior layout
TARDIS: Also I deleted all the bedrooms
TARDIS: Hey I let the master in
TARDIS: Fuck you Charley
TARDIS: Oops I possessed your companion
TARDIS: I brought the other one back to life but now he can't die
TARDIS: You know where you could have a great vacation? the planet of carnivorous wasp people.
TARDIS: love you


Simply the best response to those suggesting that the latest changes to the series herald the impending demise of Doctor Who.



How freaking much of a coincidence is this????



Realising I am yet again, in love with another regeneration of a doctor








She was flesh and blood from her very first episode. Remember how she was just an ordinary girl, and all who doubted this were repeatedly told off for it (including the Doctor)? Remember how she had a fully developed back story from her introduction, has a life apart from the Doctor, and has very well realized strengths and weaknesses?

I’m sorry, but Clara fans don’t need your support if you are going to knock the amazing person she was in her first series.

I mean I’m super glad that you love Clara now because everyone should love Clara, but the whole plot device thing was subverted for the entirety of 7B and the way that played out laid all the groundwork for Clara’s character, and it’s hugely important not to discount that! Like yes this is my favourite Clara episode so far and she got heaps of development, but it’s all capitalising on the setup and the foreshadowing in 7B, and appreciating the depth of all of that makes it way better! Maybe going back and watching those episodes with this in mind will make those things stand out (Hide and Cold War are particularly good ones for that).

Also it’s worth pointing out that during those “eighteen months” we only had half a bloody season!

Ok… Whovians WTH?



Why does everyone hate the first episode? The majority of fan reviews range from meh to right down hatred.

It’s not what they’ve been conditioned to expect from 2005-2010.

I think that perhaps sums up the Moffat-hate in a nutshell.

Many fans on tumblr aren’t so much fans of Doctor Who, but rather fans of Russell T Davies’ version of Doctor Who mixed with some conceptually ideal version of the program that they’ve envisioned in their minds.

Truth to tell, though, we’re probably all guilty of that tendency on some level.

Last night I had dinner with Brian Minchin and Peter Capaldi. Brian and I just thought we ought to have a “calm before the storm” chat, but of course real life is rubbish at drama, and we just had a jolly time, instead of being all hushed and momentous.

Peter, in his gentle, courteous way (apparently that can happen out of Glasgow) was slightly worried that he’d given an interview where it was implied we’d all had a bit of a squabble about something (we haven’t, not even once, for the record.)

"I never said any of that!" he protested to the man who’d once called the Doctors unconventionally attractive and woken up to "Moffat calls all the Doctors ugly!" all over the internet.

"I know," I said. "It happens. It may happen again. So shut your ugly face!" He punched me over the table, Brian hit with a chair, and the police were called. (For the humour-challenged, I may well be making that last part up.)

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Magazine Issue 477, in response to claims over the internet that he and Peter Capaldi had been arguing. (via brynyanijam)



The entirety of the Eleventh Doctor’s run happens during The Time of The Doctor.


Which is probably why it’s called “The Time of The Doctor.”

But, yes…everything that happens in seasons 5 to 7 essentially happened during the time frame covered by that one special…as much as that can be said where time travel is concerned.

But, consider this, Madame Kovarian’s branch of the church does not split off until after Tasha Lem declares that “silence will fall.” At some point after they split off, they go back in time and cause The Doctor’s TARDIS to explode, creating the cracks in time. We first encounter the cracks in The Eleventh Hour, so, from a certain point of view, the beginning of The Time of The Doctor happens before that. So, in a way, throughout the whole of his incarnation as the Eleventh Doctor, the Doctor was also on Trenzalore.

In fact, the only part of it that happens outside of the timescale of The Time of The Doctor is The Name of The Doctor, but the events on Trenzalore there no longer happened due to the wild card that was the intervention of Clara which fundamentally altered The Doctor’s time line…she saved him throughout his own time line, including at Trenzalore where she convinced the Time Lords to save him.

Of course, The Doctor, Clara and those involved still remember those events, because they happened to them, but as time travellers they exist apart from time, to a certain extent…so although those events will never happen, they did happen for those who lived through them. See? Simple.

The Eleventh’s run has all been about stories…it’s a story within a story. It’s also been all about effects with no cause…and ultimately ALL of the events of season five to seven have been caused by the fact that he didn’t destroy Gallifrey but, instead, saved it, leaving it stranded somewhere outside the universe…something that didn’t happen until the second to last story.

Eleven’s story needs to be seen as a whole…because nothing can make sense outside of the context of The Doctor’s decision to save Gallifrey. For three seasons he suffered from the effects of a choice he didn’t even know he’d made…while carrying the guilt…the effects…of something he hadn’t done.

As I said, it’s all been about cause and effect…effects with no cause…

Bloody marvellous if you ask me.