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Report Rewatch | 2006.01.09 | Colbert and Conan mirror O’Reilly and Letterman

Good times

Karen Gillan on Conan// Sept. 27, 2012

I’m watching last night’s episode of Conan and all of the sudden I see a TARDIS on the opening!!!!


You can watch video of the open here.

Thx for the heads up justsamhart!



Gingers Unite! Karen Gillan to appear on Conan this Thursday.

Our Ginger Queen is set to appear on Conan this Thursday, September 27. We will have shot glasses filled with hot cocoa lined up for every time someone makes a ‘ginger’ joke. (And yes, we’ll drink two just for ourselves.)

We figure that if we take a nap now, we should have enough rest to stay up late on Thursday. (That’s how sleep works, right?)

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Just going to bring these back.


Emma trying to move her hair like Conan.