Let's start over again

tehjeff replied to your post: whoops I bought Sleeping Dogs

It’s a good game. Fun shooting while driving.

thegr8mattsby replied to your post: You know how some things like email addresses are…

Yeah. Mine sounds like a stutter. Haha.

gravvy-ninja replied to your post: I’ve had two glasses of wine and haven’t drunk for…

i won’t judge you just promise me you’ll make it worth my while /whooooooo/

I hope it’s better than GTA4’s shooting while driving. If he drops grenades straight down instead of lobbing them any distance I may just ragequit.

Mine sounds like someone is lazily trying to seduce me or something if you pronounce it wrong (right?)

nope that is entirely too much effort after eating a thanksgiving meal

  1. poisoninja said: awww oks oks i’ll behave.
  2. jedibusiness said: It’s a great game! If only them made a James Bond game in a similar fashion.
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