Let's start over again




Here is Ramona Flowers as colored by Nathan Fairbairn. This is how she’ll appear in the official color version of SCOTT PILGRIM VOL 1.

What I want is to see YOUR idea of what colors Ramona could be! Show me Ramona’s Alternate Colors!


- Grab the B&W art above. Color it in. I don’t care what you use, I don’t care if you’re talented, just make her look different and interesting! (ie NO PINK HAIR cause I already used it). Print it out and color it with crayons, do a crazy digital paint job, or anything in between!
- When you’re finished, post to your own tumblr with the tag AltRamonaContest. Me and my staff (I don’t have staff) will track the tag and pick winners!
- The contest will run from July 6 to July 20, two weeks long
- Yes, you do have to have a tumblr account. If you’re creating one just for this, it better look legit. If you have a blank face and an empty tumblr, I will be suspicious. I PREFER REAL TUMBLR USERS. This is a tumblr contest!


- 3 winners will be chosen!
- grand prize: SCOTT PILGRIM VOL 1 COLLECTOR’S EDITION (retail value: $100 USD)
- 2 runners up: SCOTT PILGRIM VOL 1 EVIL EDITION (retail value: $40 USD)
- Will I ship internationally? Yes I Will. This contest is open to tumblr users WORLDWIDE.

For bonus points, include a sob story in your post about how you’ll never be able to get one of these special editions unless you WIN the contest!!!
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