Let's start over again

Sexy jacket/coat?


Should I keep it or get one that’s a bit shorter and black?

EDIT: My arm looks stupid in the first picture.

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    omg that last picture. Walkwalkfashionbaby.
  2. beccatumbles said: Oh hai. Please keep this. You look rather smashing!
  3. capntay said: Keep it! also, I think you’re adorable. ;;
  4. jedibusiness said: your mustache and beard fell off. Depends on how short!
  5. hollycitysiren said: I like it, you should keep it!
  6. keenpeach said: Fold the wrists back and it looks great!
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  8. bicycleandukulele said: Keeper.
  9. celestialcow said: My, aren’t you dashing! I approve.
  10. actualqueencersei said: NOM. i kinda like the long look, ngl.
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