Let's start over again
An over-the-top Doctor Who theory:

Massive spoilers? Also, I apologize for the lack of caps at some points but it’s copypasta at the readmore:

question: if you were the doctor, but got stranded on the planet earth without your TARDIS or any of your companions and had hardly traveled to this point in time, what would you do? would you just live life? everyone around you would age, and nothing would happen.

what if you were stranded with human beings in their daily lives for thousands of years? three thousandish, perhaps?

could you see yourself as the doctor getting frustrated with humanity and looking for a way out? instead of skipping the little days and saving the planet, it would just be you and your screwdriver.

what if the ganger resurrected himself? what would he do on earth for all those years?

That’s the weird thing I was thinking. What if there’s a more reckless, frustrated Doctor that’s been around for hundreds of years? More of a villain than what we see?

the doctor decommissions the amy ganger soon after the events of the flesh episodes. as soon as he’s done this, rory and the doctor run off to recruit people and figure out where amy’s been taken. after the events of a good man goes to war, the doctor runs off by himself in search of melody. he spends all this time recruiting and getting amy and melody that he forgets all about the doctor ganger that he left all those years ago (22nd century i believe?) this ganger doctor lives out his life on earth, forgotten, and becomes a bitter old man.

so bitter, in fact, that he wants to take revenge on the doctor and get his TARDIS back. but he’s got no time travel technology or access to any aliens, really, so when he accidentally stumbles upon a silence creature, he flashes back to what happened in the impossible astronaut and kicks off a movement/religious following called “the silence”

totally not going to happen, but if it does, look at me, i called it~ woo~