Let's start over again

Doctor Who The Wedding of River Song Prequel

That is the prequel to the next episode, meaning you can safely watch it without real spoilers? you know?

and predictions are below after you watch it so you don’t get ideas until afterwards. Watch the thing first! Excuse the lack of caps:

 one of the first things shown is the tv screen with the clock flipping between 5:02:57-5:02:59? and this makes me think the silence is watching over this time period, causing the point in time to be fixed artificially. we know that the doctor caused the time war to be time locked, so what if there is a mechanical way to cause the doctor’s death to be a fixed point in time?

so what happens is our lovely heroes go and disable that in order to save the doctor from dying.

also, two silence are seen in tubes and look like they are imprisoned, which supports the idea that the eye patches allow people to look at the silence without being influenced by them. they are likely imprisoned so that madame kovarian can use them to convince people to do things ala the end of the recent episode.