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About BrokenTripod

BrokenTripod (Or BT) - A big fan of Matt Smith and the eleventh Doctor and the fifth and sixth series (his most rewatched series). Among BT’s top favorite episodes are “A Christmas Carol,” “Midnight,” and “The Impossible Planet” duo. Theories from BT’s head typically tend to arch far further than could be contained in a single 13/14 episode series and often end up being entirely incorrect as a result (though hopefully still interesting to think about). He’s capable of making gifs, if necessary, to support a post and is in the process of attempting to write a fan screenplay.

I have decided to compile “required reading” for discussing certain things with me, so I’ll try to link the posts here:

River Song: Mary-Sue?

Complaining about Doctor Who

Relating to companions

Also, he is the creator of the TARDIS hat in TF2: 
gifs video

He also made a TARDIS card that opens inward like the TARDIS:

Examples of theories:
Jess+me Tyler+me here Portal 2 Another Portal 2 WAY over the top DW one One that speculates about the sonic in DW shooting lasers

Examples of writing:
here here here here

Important gifs:

The very first instance of my “That’s a penis!” gif

bigger version of that’s a penis most notes I’ve gotten on a post I think? why? why? WHY?

I made a TF2 map for Zombie Fortress:
read about it here